Trini never known to hold back their tongue so here

Why am I up at 2:11 a.m. thinking about Athaliah?

It’s about the fact that there is some debate about whether or not the amplified outrage of our community that are still stuck in the shackles of Colonialism—[which I humbly admit that I am a recovering victim, and totally ranting because I feel somewhat responsible for finally repaying my debt to society for having once perpetuated the system]—are justified in their reaction to her debut.

I apologize for my following criticism [which I know was not solicited, but it’s is my blog, and that is its historically primary intention, so if you will, indulge me.] If you meant to comment on her poorly done makeup, then I’m sorry to hear that something has censored you from properly expressing yourself. In that case, we might want to look at the education system for reform.

But for the rest of you, who mean what you say and say what you mean, I must speak up.

You know how hard it is? [honest question]

To watch my brother suffocating.

When there is nothing you can do for him.

But maybe tell him.

And he doesn’t hear you.

But all he need do is breathe…

And for a minute don’t be naive.  We actually lived there. And you know very well, that it is not exactly the the tropical heaven of the Romances.

I know too.

It doesn’t matter your creed or race your mother Trinidad is the most beautiful paradise—her warm kiss and guarding shield is never biased. But her children run the place ragged and, fuck, they are a bunch of wicked ones when they’re ready. Sweet-too-bad when is time to play, but still continue to hold on to the customs of a society that’s understanding justified the extinction of Mother’s first children.

So, why are you holding on to their bad-mindedness?

Just a bunch of spoil-fish that don’t want to look at the mess they’ve made and clean it up. Some of our brothers and sisters have raped our mother, beaten her to a pulp. Some have have stolen from their very own. Yet we rally against this woman for wanting to represent her country that is very much her own as it is anyone else’s. I don’t know how else to see it.

The fact that Atty’s buttery skin and defined structure—it was all nothing under that Laventille blackness—wasn’t it? [How embarrassed are you, reader who has suddenly felt a sudden sense of shame.]

It’s ok though, no reason to lament on the fact. She’s our Trini sister and despite varying ideals of “beauty”, pageants have  evolved now to emphasize on more valuable criteria to determine the true beauty of a woman—and I heard she’s got the full package.  

But I’ll leave the whole feminism talk for a next time, but that is another social evolution we all  have to at some point admit is happening. So let’s all calm down, support each other, and save the debate for how we can reclaim our paradise —I think  we can all now agree that too much time is wasted on stupidness. ❤

I’m so excited that they are finally getting the ball rolling. Look out for it.